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Training Quality:
Evaluation & Diagnostics

For more than two decades, Learning Designs Online has led national and international initiatives to establish quality standards for training and education.

We develop the metrics and evaluation tools to help organizations:

  • Choose quality training
  • Audit the instructional quality of the training you create or commission
  • Maximize the impact of your training and ROI
  • Benchmark your training against industry standards for best practice

Learning Designs’ metrics and tools are based on leading edge theory and research in learning, memory, and cognition. Our evaluation methododology has been honed through three decades of evaluation experience involving several hundred training and education initiatives.

Dr. Lynette Gillis, LDO President, is an Educational & Cognitive Psychologist and author of Quality Standards for Evaluating Multimedia and Online Training (McGraw-Hill 2000). The Quality Standards has been described by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) as the “most comprehensive and most useful evaluation tool on the market.” They have also been endorsed by the Ontario Society for Training and Development (OSTD).

Our Evaluation Services

  • Quality Audits

    Using our internationally recognized quality metrics and tools, we conduct audits of training programs and initiatives. Our quality audits – or expert third-party reviews – can help you determine what’s working and what’s not in the programs you create, commission, or purchase off-the-shelf.

  • Selecting Off-the-Shelf Courseware

    We know the market. We’ve evaluated the leading eLearning vendors. We can help you select the best-in-class courseware for your business goals and find the best value for your training budget.

  • Benchmarking

    We can assess the full panorama of your training offering, comparing your programs and development processes to industry standards and best practice. We’ll help you raise the bar on quality.

  • Evaluation Metrics, Tools, and Quality Assurance Systems

    We can custom develop quality standards and tools aligned to your training and performance goals – as we have for government and education, investment bodies, corporate training departments, and certification programs.

  • Certification Training Evaluation

    Learning Designs provides certification authorities with quality auditing services to ensure vendor-developed training materials meet content and quality standards.

    LDO is the official courseware quality auditor for CompTIA, the world’s leading IT certification body (60 countries, half a million IT professionals certified). LDO is also the official authorized evaluator for localization compliance for the International Computer Drivers’ License ICDL-US computer literacy certification program.(The ICDL program is in 90 countries and has 2 million registered participants.) LDO is also official evaluator for the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) certification program.

  • Quality Standards For Evaluating Multimedia and Online Learning
    is the most “comprehensive” and “useful” evaluation tool on the market”
    —ASTD 2001

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